In order to receive a membership card you will need the following:


· A photocopy of your: 1. Birth Certificate, 2. Some type of government photo-ID (such as a Driver's Licence, Health Card, Passport or a Firearms Acquisition Certificate) - only one type of photo-ID is necessary.

· 2 recent colour photos of your face which must fit into an approx. 1 ½"h x 1" w space. (see attached application for actual size).

· A $75.00 Cdn cheque or money order made payable to: Canadian Métis Council.

· Be sure to sign the back of your card. (see attached application).

· Fill out the application form including the Aboriginal Ancestry Chart as complete and accurate as possible. If you have already been verified by another Métis organization you must still provide proof of Aboriginal ancestry for our records.

Who is Métis?

Métis are persons of mixed blood - European/Aboriginal blood (Indian ancestry); Someone who is distinct from Indian and Inuit, someone who has genealogical ties to Aboriginal ancestry.
Note: There is no specified blood quantum.

Who qualifies for a Canadian Métis Council Membership card?
Children as young as 1 day old can apply for their Metis Status card.

Anyone who self-identifies as a Métis, has community acceptance as a Métis, is not registered as an Indian or Inuit, has clear Aboriginal blood ties, and can prove their Aboriginal ancestry to the satisfaction of the Canadian Métis Council's verification process.

Canadian Métis Council's Verification Process

You can prove Aboriginal ancestry by:

· Genealogical Documentation - include at least one or more of the following which show some type of Aboriginal ties such as Métis, Halfbreed Indian, Non-Status Aboriginal, Inuit, Savage, Infidel, etc.

· Letters from Indian Affairs stating Indian Status or C31 Status of a direct relative.

· Photocopies of (Aboriginal's) birth, baptismal, marriage or death certificate or a photocopy of census records indicating Aboriginal ancestry or obituaries. (In all cases, please indicate your relation to that person)

· A photocopy of your ancestor's Indian Status card, band number written clearly (also indicate relation)

· Métis land records or script records, etc.

· Some type of historical documentation of your family name which states Aboriginal ties.

· A letter from an Elder in your community stating your acceptance as a Métis person by that Elder and the community.

· In cases of adoption, please give reasons why you feel you have Aboriginal ancestry. (You may qualify for your Métis card, however, your children will not qualify unless their other parent is Aboriginal)

Who does not qualify for a Canadian Métis Council membership card?

· You are registered as an Indian under the Indian Act or as an Inuk on an Inuit registry.

· If you have no Aboriginal blood ties. (Ex. If your spouse is Aboriginal and you are not - you do not qualify for a card)

Important: Before you grant permission for a family member to use your file as their proof of Aboriginal ancestry, it is important that you know they can use their file (which they got from you) as another relative's proof of Aboriginal ancestry. Note: in all cases, even if you are referring to a relative's file, you MUST complete (to the best of your ability) the application form and especially the "Aboriginal Ancestry Chart".

Should you require assistance or have any questions, please contact us.